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HPC Extension Directory

Jori Brija - Reception, Ext. 201    jori[at]

Sara Orvis - Coordinated Entry & Youth Navigation, Ext. 210    saralynn[at]

Tara Chandler - Transitional Housing Specialist, Ext. 207    chandler[at]

Talla Caruso - Housing Support & Outreach Specialist, Ext. 203    talla[at]

Janet Mott - Housing Support Specialist, Ext. 208    janet[at]

Chelsea Raymond - Housing Support Specialist, Ext. 209    chelsea[at]

Erin Cameron - Housing Support Specialist, Ext. 211    erin.cameron[at]

Lyndsay Corlew - Family Supportive Housing, Ext. 212    lyndsay[at]

Sindy Fortier - Family Supportive Housing, Ext. 213    cindy[at]

Sarah Woods - Family Supportive Housing, Ext. 214    sarah.woods[at]

Jessica Makela - Program Supervisor, Ext. 206    jessica[at]

Tara FitzGerald - Administrative Assistant, Ext. 205    tfitzgerald[at]

Angus Chaney - Executive Director, Ext. 202    angus[at]

If you live in Rutland County, are homeless, and need emergency shelter call:

Weekdays between 8 and 4: 8004796151

After-hours and Weekends: 211

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If you need our services and have access to a phone, call 775-9286.

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